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Each year, Christian organizations spend hundreds of dollars in Christmas cards. But how often are those cards reflecting the Good News of Jesus?

Prints of Peace are an opportunity for organizations to celebrate the Gospel with their donors and volunteers. While it is possible to write well-wishes and Bible verses into cards, there are few companies printing Christmas cards that celebrate themes of Jesus’ humility, incarnation, death, resurrection, sacrifice, kingship, and holiness.

For organizations, Prints of Peace are best used for:

  1. Thanking donors for their contributions during the calendar year. Some organizations use Prints of Peace for their high-value donors to show extra appreciation.
  2. Thanking volunteers for their sacrifice of time and labour. Some organizations pair Prints of Peace greeting cards with a small token of appreciation to their volunteers.


Want to brand Prints of Peace with your organization logo and website? Want to digitally add in a signature or a custom message on the side?  For an extra $0.50 per card on orders of 100 or more, you can add anything you’d like.

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