Years ago, when I started a family, I realized that sending greeting cards were a great way to reach out to friends and family. The first thing I did was go online and look for Christmas cards that looked great, were affordable, but most importantly, were explicit in its celebration of Jesus. I was disappointed to find out how few options there were.

To respond to the lack of Jesus-centered cards, I designed my own collection called “Prints of Peace.” They’re targeted to Christians who want a solid focus on the Gospel, simple design, and the chance to bring Jesus to those in our spheres during the Christmas season.

How to Use Prints of Peace

  1. Think about a friend, family-member, or co-worker to whom you want to reach out.
  2. Pray that God would use your words and gesture to speak to your person’s heart.
  3. Write up a “Prints of Peace” card with a personalized message. Use it as an opportunity to be genuinely encouraging, share Scripture, reminisce about a memory, or show gratitude. Share the message of Jesus as well.
  4. *Optional* Accompany your card with a small gift. Give it to them for Christmas.
  5. Intentionally follow up with your friend, family-member, or co-worker and ask them what they thought about the card. Explain the message of the card. Offer to pray with them. Share the Good News with them. Most importantly, be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit who will guide you as you witness.

Reminder: Sharing a “Prints of Peace” card is an opportunity to share your faith, not a replacement. Use a Prints of Peace to initiate conversations during a season when it’s easier to talk about Jesus. Be a good listener, ask great questions, and find every opportunity love and support your community.

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