About Prints of Peace

Why is it so hard to find Christmas cards actually about Jesus?

As Christians, we recognize that Christmas is about Jesus. Not just baby Jesus, but our Lord and Saviour Jesus who lived a perfect life, died for His beloved, and rose from the dead.

Prints of Peace were born out of this need; Christmas cards actually about Jesus!

Simply said, Prints of Peace are about the Prince of Peace. These Christmas Cards feature a simple and clean design focused on the beautiful message of Jesus. Prints are Peace are great conversation starters, evangelistic tools, thank you cards, and more. Shop today.

Prints of Peace

Prints of Peace was started in 2017. All cards are printed on 100% recycled paper and printed in Canada.

Prints of Peace is designed by Jermaine Wall

Jermaine is an Oshawa-based family man. Jermaine owns and operates Prints of Peace’s mother company, Cabinet Creative, a web/graphic design company. 

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