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How do we as churches use the season of Christmas to share the message of Jesus in a fresh and effective way?

Every Christmas season, church leaders are presented with the same question again and again: “How can we equip our members to bring the Good News to their friends and family members?”

Every year, over a billion holiday cards are exchanged between loved ones and colleagues. However, considering that Christmas is about the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the amount of Christmas cards that are actually about Jesus is shocking. That’s why we created Prints of Peace.

Prints of Peace are modern greeting cards with a simple message about the Prince of Peace.

Paired with a small gift and a follow-up conversation, Prints of Peace cards are an easy way to equip your church members to start or continue conversations about Jesus.

Last year, churches of all sizes and shapes ordered Prints of Peace to equip their members. This year, we’re excited to unveil five new designs to go along with our five designs from last year. Here’s how it works:


1. Buy Cards

Receive a special discounted rate of $1.75 card and even lower depending on the amount. Price goes up to $2.00/card after November 14th.


2. Give Out Cards

Every Sunday for a month, give out cards for free on back tables or in bulletins.


3. Issue Challenge

Challenge your members to give out a handful of cards to neighbours and co-workers.


BONUS: Add your church logo or Christmas service info

Want to use Prints of Peace as an invitation to church? We can add your logo, service information, and more for an extra $0.50/card on orders of 100 or more. 

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